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Korea: Preliminary figures for 2014: 210,000 patent filings and speedy examinations

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The Korean Patent Office (KIPO) published preliminary figures for the year 2014. According to these statistics, KIPO received about 210,000 patent applications (+2.8% compared to 2013), 150,000 trade mark filings (+ 1.7%) and 64000 applications for designs (-3.9%).

The patent pendency period further decreased from 13.2 months in 2013 down to 11 months in 2014.

The number of IP-related trial proceedings decreased from 13.014 in 2013 to 11.981 in 2014. Also the pendency period for trial proceedings dropped from 8.5 months in 2013 to 7.9 months in 2014.

For further information, please refer to KIPO’s press release of 13 January 2015 (at time of writing only in Korean)


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