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Hong Kong: Upcoming changes to the patent system

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According to a press release by the Government of Hong Kong SAR, the revised Patents (Amendment) Bill 2015 will be introduced into the Legislative Council on 11 November 2015 in order to provide the legal framework for the reform of the patent system. A major change will be the introduction of an "original grant" system for standard patents in addition to the existing "re-registration" system. This would allow applicants to file applications directly at the Hong Kong IP Department (HKIPD) without filing at one of the designated foreign patent authorities first. Furthermore, the regulations for the so-called short-term patents will be refined. This thorough reform of the Hong Kong patent system has been under discussion since 2011.

All relevant documents concerning the revision, including a full PDF version of the revised Patents (Amendment) Bill 2015, can be downloaded from a dedicated section on the website of the HKIPD.

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