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China: IP Aid and Complaints Network enters trial operation

According to the website of the State Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of China (SIPO), on 4 February 2016, SIPO launched a trial version of China's Intellectual Property Aid and Report Complaints Network. Aimed at local Chinese users, this Network establishes, among other services, an online platform for submission of complaints concerning intellectual property (IP) rights infringement.

The Network will enable users across China to file complaints online and receive assistance in regards to protection of their IP rights. On top of that a ‘fast-track' defence mechanism shall be introduced. Moreover, the Network's website will contain important information relating to relevant case-law, legal texts, published announcements and other up-to-date news in the area of IP.

Following the trial operation of the 12330 ‘IP hotline' (with more than 100 000 people using the hotline in 2014), the Network's launch marks another step furthering the IP protection mechanism in China and provides for an extension of the channels Chinese right-holders may employ to protect their IP rights.

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