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Thailand: Comprehensive amendment to the Trademark Act

Thailand has implemented a comprehensive revision of its Trademark Act which entered into force on 28 July 2016. The amended Act shall bring Thailand's trade mark legislation in line with international standards. Some of the most important provisions are as follows:

  • Introduction of sound marks, three dimensional marks and shape marks
  • Permission of trade mark filings in multiple classes (previously only single class filings possible)
  • Abolition of requirement for a registration of a mark in association with another identical or similar mark of the same owner
  • Reduction of period for filing amendments, appeals or oppositions from previously 90 days to 60 days calculated from the day of receipt of related order from the Trademark Office
  • Increase of time period for paying registration fees from 30 to 60 days.
  • Introduction of a grace period for renewals: renewal still possible within six months from expiry date against a 20% surcharge
  • Cost reduction: Flat fee for applications with more than six products

Further information are available in the Royal Gazette dated 29 April 2016 (publication of the amendment before it entered into force, in Thai only).

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