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Korea: New feature to display family information in KIPRIS

The Korean Patent Office (KIPO) implemented a new feature in KIPRIS which shows a graphical overview on all patent family members. After clicking on the "Family Patent" Tab in the "View Details" screen, users can switch between the existing "Table View" which shows family members as a list and the new "Chart view" which displays the equivalents in a graphical visualisation sorted according to their application date. This new display option allows users to see all corresponding applications at a glance and to find out easily which document was filed at what time.   

An introduction how to access this data is available in the KIPRIS news section. Please look for the news item dated 10 November 2016. The text refers to the Korean KIPRIS interface where this service was introduced already November 2016, but the same information can be applied also to the English interface.


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