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Korea: Direct link to similar patents in KIPRIS

After performing a search in KIPRIS, users can now access for each document on the result list an overview of the 10 Korean patents and utility models which are most similar in content to the related document of the result list. These  similar documents are shown in a separate list, sorted according to the degree of similarity to the reference document in a percent value.

Apart from this tool, KIPRIS also includes a separate search function for similar patents called "sentence search". This tool provides a more detailed list of patents and utility models similar to a reference document. The user may enter the data of the reference document either via a number (application, publication or registration number) or text, e.g. the text of an independent claim of the reference document.

Both tools are unfortunately only available on the Korean language interface of KIPRIS. However, the EPO provides a detailed step by step search guide called "Searching information on similar patents in KIPRIS"  which explains users how to use these tools even without any Korean language skills.

For more information on similar patents in KIPRIS, please refer to the "News" section in KIPRIS (in Korean only).

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