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ASEAN: Thailand released Annual Report 2016

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The national IP authority of Thailand (Department of Intellectual Property, DIP) published its annual report of the year 2016 which contains a number of statistics as well as articles about new developments in the national IP landscape.

According to the report, the number of patent applications in 2016 was 7,820, a slight decrease from 8,167 in 2015.  This small decline can be attributed mainly to a decrease in filings by foreigners (fall from 7,138 in 2015 to 6,722 in 2016) while filings by domestic applicants increased from 1,029 to 1,098.

The number of granted patents, however, rose from 1,364 in 2015 to 1,838 in 2016. The number of applications for petty patents (similar to utility models in other jurisdictions) also increased from 2,164 in 2015 to 2,621 in 2016.

Thailand's annual report can be downloaded from the DIP's website (click on the link with Buddhist year 2559 = 2016)


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