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India: IP wish list including IPO’s responses published

Leider ist diese Seite derzeit nicht in deutscher Sprache verfügbar.

After the meeting with the stakeholders which took place on 07 December 2017, the Indian Patent Office (IPO) has published a document containing all the raised issues, questions and suggestions for improvements on one side and the IPO’s responses and comments on the other side. Besides 116 points collected for patents, the list also includes 37 points addressing the Indian trademarks. In the area of patent information, the users wished for example for uniformed indexing of documents in the file wrapper (point 75), simplified path to patent application and register data (point 93) or download feature in the official database of the Indian Patent Office (point 80). Users also requested the renewal certificates to be made available for download (point 111) and the patent certificate to be accompanied by final granted specification or at least granted claims (point 107). The Indian Patent Office accepted most of the suggestions and commented on all of them. The current list in the pdf form is available on the IPO’s website, where also the list from the previous year is made available.

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