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Chinese Taipei: Patent term extension information can now be retrieved in English

Leider ist diese Seite derzeit nicht in deutscher Sprache verfügbar.

The Taiwan Patent Office (TIPO) has recently made it possible to retrieve patent term extension information via the English language interface of its TWPAT database. According to the Taiwan Patent Act, TIPO may grant an extension of the patent term of pharmaceutical or agrochemical patents for a maximum of 5 years, if prior government approval is necessary before the patent can be exploited. These extensions are recorded in the so-called "transaction data" in the patent gazette.

In the TWPAT database, a direct link to the "transaction data" has recently been added to the English bibliographic information. In cases where a term extension has been requested or recorded, users may now access the related details in English - generated by a machine translation tool - via this link. The "transaction data" is updated three times per month.

A new step-by-step guide has been added to the EPO's Asian patent information webpages, showing how to search this information in TIPO's database.

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