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ASEAN: Recent changes to patent and trade mark procedures in Laos

On 8 June 2018, a new Law on Intellectual Property entered into force in the Lao People's Democratic Republic. A major change is the introduction of an opposition procedure for patents, petty patents, industrial designs and trade marks. According to the new law, third parties may now file an opposition within the following periods from publication date: 90 days (patents/petty patents), 60 days (industrial designs) and 30 days (trade marks).

Furthermore, the start of the 10-years protection period for trade marks is now calculated from the application date (previously: registration date). 3D images and animated images can now also be registered as trade marks.

The recent amendments bring the IP system of Laos further into line with international standards. A PDF version of the amended IP law can be found in the WIPO Lex database (original language version only). .

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