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China: CNIPA has issued new patent certificates

According to an official notice, the Chinese Patent Office (CNIPA) will issue a new version of its certificates and their copies of patents, utility models and designs in accordance with the provisions of Article 39 and 40 of the Patent Law. The new certificates have been issued for rights which were granted/registered on or after 4 December 2018. Both the previous versions and the new versions will have equal legal effect.

The format of the new certificate is still a vertical A4, printed on the front and the back. A QR code replaces the previous spot for the stamp tax on the front; the stamp tax has been moved to the back. The name of the patent holder is printed on the front; the names of the applicant, inventor and designer at the time of filing is printed on the back.

Examples of the new certificates can be found in the official notice on CNIPA's Chinese website.

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