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Hong Kong: New patent search system (NIS) has been launched

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As announced in an earlier Update, the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Department (HKIPD) launched its New Integrated IT System (NIS) on 14 February 2019. NIS replaces the previous IPD Online Search System, as well as the e-filing and internal electronic processing systems of the Trade Marks Registry, Patents Registry and Designs Registry.

In the new "Online Search System", searches may be performed on a "quick search" and an "advanced search" interface. Hong Kong patent applications/registrations may easily be retrieved by entering the publication number of the corresponding EP, UK or CN designated application/patent. In addition, various other search criteria can be used, such as types of documents, numbers, dates, date ranges, names or keywords in the title or abstract.

The search results include bibliographic information, fee payment data, legal status information and published documents. Users may download individual results as PDF or XML files, or export result lists in various formats. In addition, a search according legal status events is also possible. The interface is available in English and Chinese. A detailed explanation of useful features can be found in the HKIPD's online tutorial (PDF version).

Note that for patents registered before 27 June 1997 still under the old system, the number format must be converted in order to find them in NIS. Detailed instructions on the required number format are given in the online help file.

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