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Korea: Expanded scope for keyword and CPC searches in KIPRIS

Désolé. Actuellement, cette page n'existe pas en français.

The Korean Intellectual Property Office has recently implemented some changes with regard to searches with CPC symbols, keywords and other items in KIPRIS.

  • When searching with CPC symbols, the engine does now also consider foreign family members of Korean documents in the search. Even If a CPC symbol is not included in a Korean document but for example only in an EP or US family member, the Korean document will nevertheless be shown in the result list for this search. By clicking on icon "Family Patent", users can quickly access all foreign family members of the Korean patent and see for which of these documents the requested CPC symbol is represented.
  • When searching with keywords, the search is now performed in all available publications, i.e. both publication of application and publication of the granted patent. Before, the engine only considered the most recent publication, i.e. for granted patents only the publication of the granted patent.

For more information, please refer to KIPRIS News of 30 September 2019 (at time of writing only available in Korean)

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