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EAPO: Continuous publication of granted Eurasian patents

As of November 2019, the Eurasian Patent Office (EAPO) started the continuous publication of Eurasian granted patents. Eurasian patents will be published with full descriptions on the Eurasian publication server after the completion of the technical preparation of the publication. The official gazette for inventions will be published on a monthly basis and will contain all patents published on the publication server from the beginning until the end of the calendar month. The official publication date of the granted patent will be the date of the publication on the publication server, while the official date of the publication of Eurasian applications will be the date of the finalisation of the corresponding gazette issue. The notifications, which represent the legal status events in the life of Eurasian patent applications, will be also published using continuous publication technology. For more information, please refer to the news published on the EAPO website.

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