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Korea: Preview on new developments in IP in 2020

The Korean Patent Office (KIPO) published a preview on new features to be implemented in Korea's IP system during the year 2020. Some of the most important new regulations include the following:

  • Patent protection extended also to software which is distributed online. While patent protection was limited so far only to software stored on a physical media such as e.g. CD or USB, KIPO will in the future also grant patents to software which is distributed online. This new regulation is expected to enter into force in March 2020 and reflects KIPO's efforts to promote new technologies belonging to the so called "Fourth Industrial Revolution"
  • Accelerated trial proceedings also available for material, parts and equipment companies. In the future, KIPO's accelerated trial procedure will be available also in case one of the parties involved belongs to the material, parts and equipment industries (MPE industries). Accelerated trials are given priority to "regular" trial proceedings, resulting in a faster decision for example in invalidation or scope of right trials. They are eligible only under certain conditions. This new regulation is expected to enter into force in January 2020 and is connected to the Special Act for increasing the Competitiveness of the MPE industries which passed the National Assembly in December 2019.

For more information, please refer to KIPRIS News of 2 January 2020 (at time of writing only available in Korean).

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