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Korea: New developments in Korean IP with regard to COVID-19

Leider ist diese Seite derzeit nicht in deutscher Sprache verfügbar.

The Korean Patent Office (KIPO) announced that it will grant deadline extension for applicants who failed to comply with time limits or who missed a fee payment for reasons related to the new coronavirus. These extensions will be granted against the submission of a relief measure request and evidential materials.

Please refer to KIPO's news of 24 March 2020 (in English) for further information

In order to support R&D efforts to combat the new Corona virus, KIPO implemented a separate website on patent information related to COVID-19 called "Corona 19 patent information navigation". Among other contents, the new website includes the following features:

  • Overview on important patents related to corona viruses, such as SARS or MERS
  • Detailed research reports and statistical analyses on technical trends with regard treatments, diagnostic, vaccinations, antiviral treatments etc.
  • A platform for users to provide ideas from simple suggestions to inventions. Outstanding ideas might result in patent applications and honoured with government awards.

The website is available in Korean only.

As an additional measure, KIPO also provides expedited patent examination for inventions related to Corona 19 diagnostic kits, vaccination or medical treatment. Under certain conditions, applications for these inventions may be granted within 10 days from filing and the applicant may get further financial support for filing subsequent PCT applications for international coverage.

Please refer to the Corona 19 patent information navigation website and KIPO's news of 19 March 2020 for further information (at time of writing, in Korean only).  

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