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Korea: Access to further information in the “Detailed view” section in KIPRIS

After selecting a document from the result list in KIPRIS, users proceed to the so called "Detailed view" section which includes comprehensive information on the selected document.  Here, users can access bibliographic and legal event data, information from the patent register, data on trial proceedings, full texts and more.

Since July 2020, this section includes a new function called "Relevant details in Korean/English". By clicking on this button, users can immediately switch between the English and the Korean portion of the "Detailed view" section for the selected document. Before, in order to access the Korean version of the "detailed view" screen, users had to move to the Korean language interface of KIPRIS and perform a search in the Korean search mask which was time-consuming and cumbersome for Non-Korean speakers.

Why should you move to the Korean language version of "Detailed view" at all?  While both versions are in general very similar, the Korean one includes a few details which are not available on the English portion, such as:

-        information on "patent term adjustments" (PTA).  PTA are term extensions granted for delays in the examination procedure. While the English version of "Detailed view" includes a legal event that a PTA was granted, it is not possible to obtain further details about the length of the extension and the new expected expiry date. This data is so far only available on the Korean "Detailed view" section;    

-        links to the file wrapper. While both English and Korean sections include a comprehensive overview on legal events, the Korean version also provides direct links from some legal events to the related document in the "One Portal Dossier" electronic file wrapper, the Korean equivalent to the EPO's "Global Dossier" service.

For further information, please refer to KIPRIS news of 30 July 2020 (at time of writing, only available in Korean).. 

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