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Korea: Information on licensing and further new details available in KIPRIS

Since July 2020, the KIPRIS search system also provides information on the registration of exclusive and non-exclusive licenses. Users can access this information in section "Registr. Details" which includes data on both parties involved (obligor and licensee), the scope of the license, the period as well as some further details on the legal background. The registration of a license is also included as a legal event in the procedural information overview in section "Administrative".

Apart from licensing information, also further information was newly added to the above mentioned sections in KIPRIS such as e.g. data on pledge rights or restrictions on the disposal of a patent right (e.g. by provisional seizure)

For further information, please refer to KIPRIS news of 1 July 2020 (at time of writing, available only in Korean). Please also refer to the EPO's virtual helpdesk website for Korea to access a step-by-step search guide on how to retrieve licensing information in KIPRIS. 

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