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Indonesia: Amendments to IP laws

On 2 November 2020, the Indonesian government passed the "Omnibus Bill" which included a revision on 76 laws, including also major IP legislation.

With regard to patents, some of the most important revisions are as follows:

  • Amendment of the use requirement. Under the previous regulation, a patent owner was obliged to "implementing" the patented invention by manufacturing the product or using the process within three years from grant. This provision is still in place, but apart from production in Indonesia, also the importation or licensing of the patented invention will be accepted as "implementation" of the invention.
  • Amended regulations for "simple patents" (utility models): According to the new law, the request for substantive examination for simple patents must be submitted already on the filing day. The application will be laid open within 14 days from filing for a period of again 14 days, during which third parties may file a request for opposition. These amendments shall have the effect to shorten the pendency period from filing to grant from previously 12 to 6 months from filing

Source: Rouse International Limited  

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