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Korea (KR)

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In 2007, Korean patent literature became part of the PCT minimum documentation and must be included in patentability searches done for PCT applications. This area provides background information on the Korean patent system and guidance on other essentials of Korean patent documentation. See the Searching in databases section for tips on how to search sources of Korean patent information.


Answers to common questions about patents and patent information in Korea. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, you can write to us using our form.

Grant procedure

A flowchart overview of the most important steps in the Korean procedures from filing an application to the grant of a patent.

Useful terms

Some common patent terms in Korea, Western transcription and English translation.

Facts and figures

Developments in filing figures and application trends in Korea.

Numbering system

An introduction to the most important document types (including kind codes) and explanations of the formats for document numbers.

Searching in databases

Tips and tricks for using free Korean data sources without knowing the language. Simple, step-by-step search guides demonstrate how to make the most of the wealth of data available in original Korean databases.

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