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Translation services for Asian patent information

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We can translate as little or as much as you need - from titles, bibliographic data and claims to abstracts or whole documents. The language combinations we offer are:

  • Chinese to English or German
  • Japanese to English or German
  • Korean to English or German.

Our translation services give you access to a network of qualified translators specialising in various technical fields. Specifically, they offer high-quality human translations of patent and utility model documents.

These documents can be translated from Japanese, Korean or Chinese into English or German.

Upon request, we can provide you with translations of file wrapper information and other technical or legal documents.

By using our services to translate an Asian patent document you can

  • gain a better understanding of its technical content
  • save costs by ordering only the parts of the document that you need – for example, claims
  • request a certified version of the translation, if that is legally required.
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To request a cost estimate, simply e-mail us the document to be translated or the document number. We will calculate a price range based on the number of pages, usually within a few hours. If you are happy with our quote, you can then place an order.
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Service Price
Translation of all claims (1 to 4 pages of translated text) EUR 180
flat fee
Translation of all claims or full texts (more than 4 pages of translated text) EUR 100
per translated
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Service Time
Translation of all claims 1 to 2 weeks
Translation of the full text 2 to 3 weeks

In urgent cases, we will do our best to deliver your translation as quickly as possible.

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