MIMOSA retrieval software

MIMOSA is a MicrosoftTM WindowsTM-based software package developed for the Trilateral Offices.

The package includes three separate applications:

    This main component offers you a range of functions for consulting databases (user interface in ten languages; three search masks) and for building, submitting and saving queries. You can then display, print or download your results (documents, notices, hit lists), depending on the configuration that you choose.
  • MIMOBatch lets you search multiple databases simultaneously.
  • MIMOViewer supports SGML, XML, BMP, JPEG, TIFF and BACON image (ST.33) formats.

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In order to start using MIMOSA, download and install the relevant file(s).

For users of Windows 10:
For users of Windows 7 and 8:
For users of pre-Windows 7 versions:

The MIMOSA retrieval software is free of charge.

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