Quick navigation through the EPO's patent information data sets and tools

7 June 2021

The EPO offers a wide range of products, services and data sets which you can use for your search, inspection and analysis purposes. To aid your navigation and help you quickly identify which data sets or tools suit your business needs or a given purpose, the patent knowledge team has created and published an overview of them. Direct access to the overview is available on the following EPO web pages under Searching for patents:


Each resource in the overview is accompanied by:
  • a basic description
  • the available content 
  • the coverage
  • the type of services supplying the data 
  • the formats the data can be retrieved in

When you click a specific resource item you will be redirected to the relevant EPO web page, which will provide more detailed information.

You can also filter the overview by access, content, data coverage, data format and cost using the drop-down menus on the left-hand side of the page. Further functions on the page allow you to download and share the overview.


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