Did you know that … you can adjust the size of panes in Espacenet?

5 July 2021

Do you sometimes wish you could see the complete title in the result list? Or the drawings enlarged? Or even large parts of the description in one go?

In Espacenet, you can change the size of the result list, drawings, descriptions and claims according to your needs. Just move your mouse to the boundary line between two panes. A double-headed arrow will appear which you can drag to the right or the left and release when the desired width is achieved.

Espacenet pane width

To increase or decrease the size of a drawing, drag the double-headed arrow between the document view and the drawing.

You can also completely hide the result list, e.g. to further enlarge the description, by clicking/tapping the arrow in the top right-hand corner of the result list.

Click/tap the arrow to hide the result list

When the result list is hidden, use the keyboard down and up arrows to navigate from one document in the list to the next.

To re-open the result list, click/tap on the arrow next to the result list hit number in the top left-hand corner of the document view.

Click the arrow to re-open the result list

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