Did you know that …
… it's easy to change the text size in new Espacenet?

All you need are your browser zoom options

On larger screens, Espacenet displays search results across three columns: the result list on the left, the bibliographic data pane in the middle and the document pane on the right. But this complete overview of patent document information is available only if the text size is small, and you may find that you need to increase the font size to make it easier to read.

There are several ways to change computer font sizes. Probably the easiest way to change the text size in new Espacenet is to use standard internet browser zoom options.

The new Espacenet interface is designed to react and adapt when you use any of the following options to zoom in or out:

  • Option 1. Click on the menu icon at the top right of your browser. This icon is a box with three dots. Next to "Zoom" choose the zoom options you want. Here's an example using Chrome:

Option 1

  • Option 2. Press and hold down CTRL (Windows) or ⌘ (Mac). Then press + (zoom in) or - (zoom out).
  • Option 3. Press and hold down CTRL (Windows) or ⌘ (Mac). Then scroll the mouse wheel up (zoom in) or down (zoom out).

If you zoom in you will notice how Espacenet adapts automatically, for example by reducing the number of displayed columns or by replacing the document navigation bar with a dropdown menu. Four examples of various zoom settings in Chrome are shown below (note: zoom levels and resulting layouts may vary).

Zoom level 110%: a dropdown menu replaces the document navigation bar.

Zoom level 110%

 Zoom level 125%: the drawings view is now below the bibliographic data pane.

 Zoom level 125%

Zoom level 150%
: the "Available in" and "Patent Translate" dropdown menus now appear below the patent document title.

Zoom level 150%
Zoom level 175%
: the buttons below replace the "Advanced search" and "Filters" buttons.

Zoom level 175%

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