According to legal event information in Espacenet, the applicant applied for an extension of the patent term for this Korean patent.

Screenshot from Espacenet

Can you find out more about this request for extension?

  • Was it granted?
  • If so, for how long?
  • What is the new expiry date for this patent?


  • Consider what type of term extension this search challenge refers to.

You can find useful tips on how to access patent information from Korea (including term extensions) on the EPO's Asian patent information webpages.

Challenge from the previous edition

In 2016, Dolby International AB filed a patent application for "Layered coding for compressed sound or sound field representations" which was subsequently granted a European patent.

Is there also a patent for this invention in the Republic of Moldova and, if so, what is its status?

Yes, there is a patent family member in the Republic of Moldova. There are several ways to check the status of this patent:

(1)  Find and highlight the patent in Espacenet, then select the Moldovan (MD) publication in the Patent family list. Select Register to view related Moldovan patent register information.

Screenshot from Espacenet

(2)  Find the application using the European Patent Register, then navigate to the corresponding Federated Register. For the newly added validation state MD the status is "Patent lapsed - still in grace period".

Screenshot of European Patent Register

We can see that the patent is currently not in force in Moldova but could be reactivated under certain conditions. You can find further details in the Moldovan register by following the MD country code deep link.

Check the Federated Register - integration status table for an overview of member state and deep linking integration.

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