Patent Knowledge Week

You are familiar with patent knowledge but wonder if you are harnessing its full power. Or you are new to patent knowledge, and want to know what it is and what it can do for you. Whatever your background, Patent Knowledge Week can answer your questions.

Patent Knowledge Week is a digital, multi-track event that brings together the brightest minds in patent knowledge from academia and industry. For experts, the event will explore topics such as patent landscaping, patent analytics and the role of artificial intelligence in IP. And, of general interest, there will be a dedicated session on how industry needs have sparked the transition from patent information towards patent knowledge, and how you can use this knowledge for your own needs.

The event aims to unlock the power of patent knowledge for a whole range of audiences. SMEs will learn how to improve their business decisions without having to become patent experts. Patent attorneys will discover how they can play a major role in the transition towards patent knowledge. Universities will discover another gateway to new research domains. While Asian patent information experts will learn how to get the most out of patent knowledge extracted from Asian patent information tools and services. The PATLIB 2.0 project will also feature during the event, with an open day to update the network on the latest developments.

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