EPO Global Dossier service extends its coverage

8 November 2021

Quick and barrier free access to all available information on patent applications is a key factor in a patent system that works. Applicants, patent attorneys, researchers and business partners all want to take the uncertainty out of the process, and what better way to do so than to give them the ability to "look over the shoulder" of patent examiners and read the very latest communications between patent applicants and the patent office.

And that is exactly what Global Dossier offers. Available in Espacenet, the European Patent Register and GPI, it provides IP stakeholders with quick, free, one-stop access to all public files in the dossiers of applications filed at participating IP offices. This requires IP offices to align their data service platforms so that information can be integrated into the patent information systems.

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide access to dossiers from other patent offices, we are proud to announce that you can now use our Global Dossier service to view utility models filed at the Korean and Japanese patent offices. Our tip for retrieving these quickly in Espacenet is to run a publication number search for "JPU*" or "KRU*", select the relevant patent from the list and then click Global Dossier in the Bibliographic data pane.

Global Dossier currently provides access to the public documents of patent applications from the following patent offices:

Patent authority Constraints IP type
Email notification RSS
CN Filing date ≥ 10.01.2010 A Yes
EP None A Yes Yes
KR Filing date ≥ 01.01.1999 A and U
JP Filing date ≥ 01.07.2003 A and U
No No 
US Filing date ≥ 01.01.2003 A No
WO None W No
CA Filing date ≥ 01.08.2015  A No
AU Filing date ≥ 01.07.2004
A No No

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