Patents for the festive season

Ornament kit for Christmas and Halloween

Figure 1

Source 1: JP2017144100A

We all know the three R's: reduce, reuse, recycle. The festive period can generate a lot of waste, so why not buy a Christmas tree that you can also use for Halloween? With this invention, you can dress the tree up in a witch's cloak and hat with a jack-o'-lantern on top for the spooky season, then get rid of the costume and cover the tree with decorations and lights for Christmas. Not only does this invention save both time and money, it's also environmental-friendly.

Novel Christmas artware

Figure 2

Source 2: CN213129058U

At first glance this little ornament looks like a normal Christmas decoration. But take a closer look at the patent application and you'll see it's much more than that. The inventor of this beautiful piece of craftwork wanted to replicate the cycles of nature. So, when the bottle-like container is filled with water, the Christmas fruits hanging on the tree (number 7 in the drawing above) grow and eventually fall off the tree. Another lovely Christmas invention with a nod to the environment.

Interfaith holiday tree

Figure 3

Source 3: US2016215971A1

Candles are used for festive celebrations in many faiths and cultures, with some using a specific, symbolic number - for instance, seven for Kwanza and nine for Hannukah. The versatile invention pictured above can be re-arranged so that families can celebrate Christmas, Hannukah or Kwanza with just one tree. The invention can hold both electric and non-electric candles, bringing the holiday spirit to many different homes.

Cover for decorated Christmas tree

Figure 4¨

Source 4: US2014130947A1

If you've got pets at home, you've probably torn your hair out trying to stop them from playing with your perfectly arranged Christmas tree decorations, lights and presents. But help is at hand. Simply wrap this removable cover around your tree, secure it with hooks and keep those pesky paws out. The cover's sheer material means you can still see the decorations and lights and don't lose any of your tree's magic.

Oven mitt with sound, light and video

Figure 5

Source 5: US2009293166A1

What do all holiday celebrations have in common? Food. Lots and lots of food. To keep you both safe and entertained while you slave away over a hot oven, this unique oven mitt comes with integrated sound, light and video features. You can listen to jingles, adverts, a new recipe or your favourite festive songs, and you can programme the lights to flash in sync with the audio.

Device for waking persons from sleep

Figure 6

Source 6: US256265A

If you're anything like us, you'll probably find it hard to get up and go back to work after all the festive celebrations. But back in 1882, an inspired inventor found an innovative solution - a device which drops 60 small pieces of wood onto a sleeping person. With those falling onto your face, you'll be up and out of bed in no time.

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