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Want to run a quick, targeted search in Espacenet? Don't have time to learn the expert language of Smart search? Not sure how to use the customisable Advanced search query builder?

If so, just use the Advanced search predefined template! It already contains the main searchable fields, such as Title or abstract, Publication number, Publication date and Applicants, and lets you enter your search terms quickly and easily for precise, targeted searches

Using the Advanced search template

To access the template, once you have launched Espacenet simply press the Advanced search button in the main navigation bar, or select the zoom symbol icon at high zoom levels or on small devices.

Espacenet now displays the following search fields: Title, Title or abstract, Publication number, Application number, Priority number, Publication date, Applicants, Inventors, CPC and IPC.

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You can use one search field or several search fields, depending on your needs.

The predefined template is organised in the form of a tree with logical units - i.e. groups of fields in grey boxes and the individual field Publication date - connected to each other by lines. The logical relation is indicated by the AND and OR operators at the top of each vertical line.

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You can use multiple search terms in a single search field, and each search term should be separated by a space, not a Boolean operator. Boolean operators inside search fields will be interpreted as search terms.

The all operator, which can be seen above some fields next to a search criterion, e.g. next to Title, will have the same effect on your search terms as the AND operator between search fields.

The any operator, e.g. next to Publication number, will have the same effect on your search terms as the OR operator between search fields.

Entering data into the fields

Once the Advanced search template is displayed, you can enter your search terms in the appropriate search fields, e.g. "pulsed laser" in the Title or abstract search field and "2020" in the Publication date search field.

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Running the search

To run the search, select Search or press Enter.

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Espacenet only keeps the search fields you have used in your query.

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You can adapt your query at any time. For example, you can add or remove search terms, add fields (+ Field; " Group), remove fields (x) and change search criteria (e.g. Title or abstract) and operators by selecting the appropriate drop-down arrow. You can also return to the default template by selecting Reset.

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