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Do you sometimes wish you could find partners working in your technical field in your country?

Well, you can! Using the filter categories "Applicants - Country" or "Inventors - Country" in Espacenet, you can find applicants or inventors who reside in a certain country. The procedure and example below show you how to get this information for applicants, but the same principle also applies to inventors.

1. Run a search in a certain technical field. For example, use Smart search and search "3D printing" in titles, abstracts, descriptions or claims published between 2010 and 2020 Arrow symbol ftxt="3D printing" 2010:2020.

2. Display the Filters area by activating the Filters slider in the main navigation bar (or selecting the Filter symbol icon at high zoom levels or on your mobile device).

3. Select the drop-down arrow on the right of the Applicants - Country filter category to open the corresponding list of filter items.

4. Select the country where you would like to find applicants related to your search query, e.g. DE for an applicant from Germany.

5. Click Apply

en Espacenet Key visual one

The updated results list will show you patent documents where Germany was identified as the applicant's country of residence.

en Espacenet Patent Search

Please note:

The country of residence is not always included in the data received by the EPO, so its coverage in our databases is not 100% complete. In our example, out of the 82 479 results obtained for the query ftxt="3D printing" 2010:2020, only around 30% of the results had an identified applicant country of residence. Therefore, care should be taken when drawing conclusions from statistics based on applicant or inventor residence information.

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