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Sequence listings available in the Register in ST.26 XML format 

From 1 July 2022, sequence listings will be filed at the EPO in the ST.26 XML format, which allows the data to be machine-readable for digitally filed applications. Sequence listings are filed as part of the patent application and disclose the biological sequence data in a document, e.g. for the sequences of nucleotides and/or amino acids.

Standards are used to regulate how information in intellectual property (IP) documents is disseminated and received, thus harmonising workflows and procedures across the globe amongst the respective IP offices. Standards also simplify the way the information is processed, downloaded and shared for users of intellectual property information.

Implementation in the Register (All documents panel view)

In the Register, sequence listings in ST.26 XML format will be displayed as Sequence listing in ST.26 (.XML) in the table of contents of the All documents panel view of the Register. The received documents can be either viewed or downloaded via two separate available functions: Selected documents and ZIP Archive. It is important to note that the ST.26 sequence listings will be downloaded in XML format in a separate ZIP file.

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Fig. 1 Display of Sequence listing in ST.26 (.XML) in the All documents view.

Selected documents

With this function you can download a single document or a selection of documents by clicking on the check boxes next to the individual documents and then clicking on Selected documents in the toolbar. If a sequence listing is included in the selected documents, it will be downloaded in a separate ZIP file in ST.26 XML format or in another format if otherwise filed.

ZIP Archive

To download all documents in one go, click Zip Archive in the toolbar. A ZIP file containing all the documents as PDFs will then be downloaded to your download drive. If sequence listings have been received in ST.26 XML format or in another format, they will be downloaded in a separate ZIP file in addition to all the other downloaded documents in PDF files.

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