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Welcome to Patent Knowledge Snippets, the place to go to find shorter news items on recent developments in patent information at the EPO and around the world. This first issue contains an introduction to the new Espacenet help files and a report on new features in the Korean Patent Office's KIPRIS search tool.

New help files available for guidance on using Espacenet

Would you like help on searching patent numbers in Espacenet? Do you want to know what kind of search limitations apply? Would you like to see examples of searching or filtering and explanations of how to conduct a search or set a filter? Is there any other information you need?

If so, then don't hesitate to consult our help pages. They are designed to guide you from your first discovery of Espacenet to more complex scenarios, including setting filters and using classification symbols.

To find your topic of interest, simply navigate through the hierarchical structure composed of nine main categories or use the keyword search feature.

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Korea: new features for searching and accessing licensing information in KIPRIS

The Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) has implemented new features in the KIPRIS search system to facilitate access to licensing information.

After performing a search and proceeding to the result list, users can now apply a new filtering function to display only those documents on the result list for which a use licence was granted to a third party. This filtering can be performed for exclusive licences, for non-exclusive licences or for both. Detailed information on the third party - the "licensee" - can be retrieved by selecting a document from the result list and then clicking the Registr. Details tab (Fig. 1).

In KIPRIS, it is also possible to search for licensees direct. The "advanced search" interface includes two new search fields for exclusive or non-exclusive licensees (Fig. 2). In both fields, you can enter either a name or other information to identify a licensee, e.g. their customer number at KIPO or parts of their address. The result list then shows all documents for which this person currently holds an exclusive or a non-exclusive licence. 

KIPRIS image one

Fig. 1. Filtering result list according to use licences and accessing licensee information in KIPRIS (click to enlarge)

KIPRIS image two
Fig. 2. New search fields for licensees (click to enlarge)

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