Patent Knowledge Snippets

Montenegro becomes a contracting state

On 1 October 2022 Montenegro (ME) ceases being an extension state to become a contracting state.

This new development will result in various changes in a number of panel views in the European Patent Register. For more information, please consult the release notes.

New set of Patent Knowledge Nuggets released

To support users of the EPO’s patent knowledge data, tools and services, the EPO has recently launched a series of Patent Knowledge Nuggets video clips. They touch upon specific aspects of patent knowledge per se, and the patent knowledge tools and services. Recently, new Patent Knowledge Nuggets have been added to the existing collection. They include videos in and around Espacenet, publications stages and document kind codes, and you can also find an outlook of the Unitary Patent in the European Patent Register. You can find them in the respective playlist on the official EPO YouTube channel.

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