Patent knowledge seminars begin in 2023

The EPO's Worldwide IP team is proud to launch its free patent knowledge online seminars for 2023 with a series of three sessions on patent information in Latin America.  

These seminars will present the IP systems of five major jurisdictions and help you to access and understand patent data from this dynamic region. The first two sessions will focus on Brazil and Mexico, the region's leading emerging markets and most innovative countries in terms of patent filings. The third seminar takes you on a journey to another three fast-growing innovation hubs: Colombia, Argentina and Chile.   

For all five countries, you will learn about national IP law, the different stages of the granting procedure, as well as key features of their patent documentation such as number formats, kind codes and document types. Based on multiple practical examples, you will also learn how to search patent information using the free online tools provided by national offices in each of these countries.    

These courses are specially designed for all patent information users and searchers seeking insights into a region that is increasingly active in terms of patenting. They do not require any prior knowledge of Latin American IP systems but assume a basic understanding of patent information in general.  

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We look forward to seeing you at the seminars!  

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