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Release notes December 2013

European Patent Register improvements/new features

1. European Patent Register

1.1. Applications displayed under All documents are downloadable as a Zip archive
Now in the All documents panel view you can download a Zip Archive of all the documents included in that particular file; each document is provided as a separate PDF.

1.2. Check digit search is now possible for EP application numbers  
Now you can search for EP application numbers including the check digit (digit preceded by a decimal after the eight digits of the application number) in Smart, Quick or Advanced search.  Please note the country code, i.e. EP must precede the number:

1.3. Links to PDFs in the EPO Publication server
Access to EP documents in PDF published in the EPO's official platform, the European publication server, between 1978-2004, is now provided. Links to these documents are available in the Publication section of the About this file page.

1.4. Status after consolidation procedure (RCON)
In the Status section of the About this file page, when proceedings are closed due to consolidation with another patent, now there will be a link to the application that was consolidated and which pertains to the event, "Proceedings closed following consolidation with [application number]".

1.5. RSS feeds for your searches
When searching for a company, a key word or any other parameter, now you can subscribe to an RSS feed in the “Search results” page that helps you keep track of new applications that contain your search criteria.

1.6. RSS feeds for the "All documents" section
Now you can subscribe to the RSS feed to keep track of when new documents for a particular application become available in the table of contents provided in the “All documents” panel view:

1.7. European Patent Register legal events information
Information about the European Patent Register legal events now can be viewed in the
Register documentation page,

and in the Help page you can find now information about the most important legal events that can occur to a patent application:

Via this new page you can download a complete list using the Events (XML) link:

1.8. Download search results
Now it is possible to download your search results as either a CSV or an XLS file.    

Please note that each file is limited to 20 items

This could require downloading more than one file to obtain a complete set of your search results.

2. Register Alert

2.1. Notification of lapse
Register Alert e-mail notifications now will include the title of the monitored application and any lapses which occur in the contracting state(s) will be indicated as of the second notification.

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