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The EPO and SIPO launch Global dossier

Release notes June 2014

European Patent Register - Global dossier

You can now access the "file wrapper" or "file inspection" of patent family members published by selected partner offices via the European Patent Register. This new service, called Global dossier, is being launched by the EPO and the State Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of China (SIPO). (The Global dossier service is only available for SIPO applications filed after 10.02.2010).

Global dossier is accessed via Patent family on the left-hand side of the user interface after you have called up an application in the European Patent Register:

This opens the Patent family view displaying a list of family members. The family members published by intellectual property offices which support the Global dossier function (currently: CN and EP publications) are marked with an icon and the Global dossier link.

Click on the Global dossier link to open a separate window displaying the table of contents (ToC) of the family member's file wrapper. The partner office and family member's application number appear at the top.

You will see three columns, each containing data about the individual documents in the dossier: a date, a description and the number of pages (if figure available).

Clicking on a description marked (ORIGINAL) will display the original document in Chinese.

Clicking on a description marked (TRANSLATED) will display the translation into English of the Chinese-language original.

The machine translation into English is provided by SIPO.

You can have both the (ORIGINAL) and (TRANSLATED) windows open simultaneously.

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