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Federated Register

The Federated European Patent Register Service, available from within the European Patent Register, collects data from the designated contracting states "on the fly" and assembles it in a single display.

This display shows a minimum set of bibliographic and legal status data for European patents in the post-grant or "national" phase as retrieved by the EPO from the national registers of the designated states concerned.

The service can be accessed by clicking on the "Federated Register" link in the left-hand panel when viewing the patent document details.  

Federated Register screenshot

The overview page is divided into three sections.

I. Details of your selected patent document are shown at the top of the overview. These include:

  • Title
  • Application and publication number
  • Applicant name
  • International Patent Classification (IPC)

Federated Register screenshot

II. This part shows bibliographic and legal status information from the national registers of the designated states that support the Federated Register service. You can get quick and easy access to the corresponding record in the national register by clicking on the country codes (not available for all countries).

Federated Register screenshot

See the help files for more information on the data provided.

III. This section shows all the designated contracting and extension states, irrespective of whether or not they support the Federated Register service. Where available, deep linking is provided for access to further data and information. Once the validation agreements are in force, designated validation states will also be displayed in this section.

Federated Register screenshot

Please note that the EPO does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy or quality of the data displayed, including but not limited to their completeness or fitness for specific purposes. For authoritative information, please refer to the relevant national patent authority.

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