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Release notes November 2015

1. European Patent Register

1.1. Elimination of Quick search

After extensive research and user consultation, we have decided to remove the Quick search option from the European Patent Register.

You can still search by Publication number, Application number and Filing date in the Advanced search and Smart search.



1.2. Search results list: sorting by representative

You can now sort the Search results list by representative. It will sort representative names alphabetically in ascending or descending order.


1.3. Document navigation

A navigation command is now displayed in all panels, i.e. About this file, Legal status, Federated register, Event history, Citations, Patent family and All documents. This makes it easy to navigate from one patent document to the next without having to return to the Search results list.


2. Federated European Patent register

2.1. Activation of the Federated register

The Federated register tab is now enabled for granted patents only. Otherwise it is greyed out.


2.2. Improvements to table of countries

  • 2.2.1. Shading

    For better readability, the countries indicated in the table now appear alternately in grey and white.


  • 2.2.2. Disclaimer

    The disclaimer, which formerly appeared above the table, has been split in two. The first part appears above the table as before; the second part now appears below the table.


  • 2.2.3. Column heading renamed

  • To reflect more accurately what is meant, the heading Register last updated now reads Record last updated. This column displays the date on which the record was last updated or, if this date is not available, the date on which the national register was last updated.

    You can find more details on the content provided for the Federated register by each participating national patent office at: 


    2.3. Deep links to extension states

    Deep links to the registers of extension states will not now be activated until the fee for these extension states has been paid.

    You can check payments in About this file under Extension states.


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