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Release notes November 2016

European Patent Register new features/improvements

1. Extension of the Global Dossier service

The Global Dossier service has now been extended to encompass further authorities participating in the WIPO CASE initiative.

In addition to patent application dossiers ("file wrappers") from the world's five largest patent offices, it now also includes public dossiers from the Canadian Patent Office as well as PCT applications.

2. Status history now available

In addition to the active status of an application, the European Patent Register now displays the status history of an application in the About this file panel view if you click the "Show history" button. 

(a) Active status


(b) Active status + history of statuses


The "Status updated" date is the date when the status was last changed.

The status history is also provided as part of the XML data retrieved using the ST36 download functionality.

3. Date on which responsibility passes to the examining division

Within the framework of the "Programme for accelerated prosecution of European patent applications" (PACE), the date on which responsibility for an application passes to the examining division will be now notified via the European Patent Register for the sake of transparency and to help users requesting accelerated examination.[1] Accelerated examination can, in principle, be requested at any time once responsibility for the application has passed to the examining division.

Information on the date on which responsibility passed to the examining division is now displayed in the "EP About this file" panel view - in the "Examination procedure" section - and in the "EP Event history" panel view of the European Patent Register.

EP About this file


EP Event history 

Here the following events can be displayed:

  • Application deemed to be withdrawn
  • New entry
  • Change


[1]See Rule 10 EPC and Guidelines for Examination in the EPO, C-II, 1.

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