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IE - Federated Register Service

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IE Patent register

  • All national applications for 20-year patents filed since 1 January 1988
  • All national applications for 10-year patents filed since 1 August 1992
  • All EP patents granted and designating Ireland since 1 August 1992
  • The Register is updated on a daily basis
  • Availability of file inspection – no; only by visiting the Patents Office library
  • URL to national register - https://eregister.patentsoffice.ie/PTRegNr.aspx
  • Availability of deep linking to national register from FRS - yes

Contents provided via FRS

FRS data Data provided IEPO - Contents
1 Status Yes Pending
Deemed withdrawn
Revoked by EPO
Grant suspended by EPO
IE designation deleted
2 Application No. Yes IE patent application, e.g. 1990/1139
Short-term IE patent application, e.g. S1999/0122
EP application, e.g. 95250091.6
3 Publication No. Yes Granted IE patent, e.g. 55555
Granted short-term IE patent, e.g. S81161
Granted EP patent, e.g. 0678348
4 Proprietor Yes Current proprietor and proprietor at time of grant
5 Invalidation date No

No invalidation date as such is displayed, but information about the effective legal date in relation to the status (patent withdrawn; patent revoked; patent lapsed; patent expired; etc.) is usually displayed at the end of the Register sheet in the row below the field "Patent Renewal Fees"

6 Not in force since No

No date is provided but the information can be determined from the information referred to under point 5 above

7 Renewal fees last paid Yes A complete history is provided in the field "Patent Renewal Fees"
8 Register last updated No No date is given on the display but the Register is updated every night
9 SPC Yes

Basic information about any related SPC application is contained in the Patent Register. More detailed information on the SPC application can be found by going to the SPC Register.

Contact details

Email: patlib@patentsoffice.ie

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