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MK - Federated Register Service

Leider ist diese Seite derzeit nicht in deutscher Sprache verfügbar.

MK Patent register

  • Coverage: national, European and PCT patents filed or validated in the Republic of North Macedonia since 1992
  • Updating frequency: Daily
  • File inspection available: No
  • URL to national patent register: http://ippo.gov.mk/Search/FederatedPatentRegister.aspx
  • Deep linking to national patent register from FRS: Yes

Contents provided via FRS

  FRS data Data provided MK - Contents
1 Status Yes

Formalities in progress
Patent lapsed
Patent expired
Patent validated
Patent not in force

Note: Macedonia's national register does not contain any records for EP patents for which it was a designated contracting state if the translation of the B1 form was not filed with its national office in time.

2 Application No. Yes National format: COUNTRY CODE (MK) followed by YEAR (four digits) followed by APPLICATION NUMBER (one to five digits), e.g. MK2012146.
3 Publication No. Yes Prefix EP followed by seven-digit number NNNNNNN, e.g. EP1042305
4 Proprietor Yes The name of the first proprietor is displayed (first 35 characters).
5 Invalidation date Yes

Provided if the patent has expired or lapsed or has been withdrawn or revoked

6 Not in force since Yes

Provided if patent status is Patent not in force

7 Renewal fees last  paid Yes Date of payment of last renewal fee paid and the year for which it was paid
8 Record last updated Yes The date of the last update of the national register
9 SPC No

Not currently provided


Arjeton Uzairi
IT department
Phone: +389 3103 626
e-mail: arjeton.uzairi@ippo.gov.mk

SOIP mailbox: info@ippo.gov.mk

Contact page: http://ippo.gov.mk/EN/ContactUs.aspx

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