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Searching Asian documents: patent search and monitoring services

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Professional prior art searches and regular patent monitoring using the original languages.

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The EPO offers professional prior art searches of Chinese, Korean and Japanese patent and utility model documents using original-language databases. We work with specialised search institutes in Asia, such as the Intellectual Property Publishing House (IPPH) and the Korean Patent Information Promotion Center (PIPC).

With our services you can:

  • get an overview of potentially relevant Asian prior art
  • access the most recently published Asian data
  • have local technical experts translate your English search profile into Chinese, Korean or Japanese
  • receive translations in your preferred format

Send us your existing English search profile or contact us to discuss your search parameters. We will provide a cost estimate and sample results from a free trial search.

You can then modify your profile before placing the final order. Results will be delivered within a few working days.

Patent search and monitoring services



Initial creation of watch profile (flat fee)

EUR 135

Results list (document numbers, English titles)

EUR 58

Bibliographic data (per document)

EUR 10

Title, abstract (per document)

EUR 10

Title, abstract, main claim (per document, fewer than 1 000 Chinese characters)

EUR 28

Title, abstract, main claim (per document, more than 1 000 Chinese characters)

EUR 36



Results list with publication number, English titles (first search)

EUR 135

Results list with publication number, English titles (each additional search)

EUR 32

Results list with publication numbers, English titles, Korean full texts (first search)

EUR 190

Results list with publication numbers, English titles, Korean full texts (each additional search)

EUR 44

For Japanese searches, we can provide you with a cost estimate based on a free trial search. To find out more, please contact us.

Search profiles

Profiles for Chinese, Japanese and Korean patent searches can be created using parameters such as IPC classes, applicant names and keywords. Our Asian searchers can also suggest a profile tailored to your specific requirements.

You may decide to order a one-off search only, or perhaps regular monitoring of your profile, for example on a monthly or quarterly basis. Whatever you decide, the confidentiality of your profile is guaranteed.

Delivery formats

Various output formats are possible. The most common is a result list with publication numbers and English titles. We can also deliver abstracts, claims and full texts either in the original languages or as machine-translated versions. Human-aided or manual translations can be provided upon request.

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