Espacenet 1.10.0 release notes - April 2020


  • Error messages were reported after users failed to close their browser on release of a new version of Espacenet. Espacenet will now restart the service automatically.

Result list

  • In cases where a Euro-PCT application is published in one of the EPO's three official languages and therefore not republished by the EPO in accordance with Article 153(3) EPC, the downloaded front pages now include the PCT publication's front pages instead of a message signalling the non-availability of the EP documents. In the event that the feature does not work in your browser version, we recommend updating to the latest version of your browser (see the forum entry on supported browsers).

Document pane

  • Right-clicking a publication number in the Published as section in the Bibliographic data view or in the Patent family view now opens the document with the appropriate kind code in a new tab/window.
  • Searches for a document publication with a specific kind code now displays the document with the relevant kind code. Please note that this currently works only for searches for a single document. If you search for multiple documents, Espacenet will, as in the past, display the earliest publications of the applications available in the database. 
  • The URL format now displays the requested document with its specified kind code. Before this fix, it displayed the earliest available publication of the application.
  • This issue involving citations not displayed if the search query included terms that were present in NPL citation titles has been fixed.
  • In cases where a Euro-PCT publication takes the place of an EP publication in accordance with Article 153(3) EPC, both the Euro-PCT publication that replaces the EP publication and a Euro-PCT notice stating that fact are now displayed in the Original document view and downloadable via the three-dot menu.


  • Up to now, the windows in the Filters area for searching for specific filter items were too small to visualise long search terms. A dynamic design has now been introduced to optimise the window space.
  • The unwanted overlay of the dropdown symbol and the filter header at high zoom levels has been fixed.

Minor bug fixes and improvements not visible to the user are not described here.

See this forum entry for a list of known issues and workarounds.

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