Espacenet 1.22.0 release notes – 14 April 2021


The Internet Explorer browser is not supported anymore by Espacenet. A popup now appears on this browser to remind the users that some features may not work and tables many not render properly. The use of another browser is highly recommended (supported browsers).

Patent documents with large abstracts (over 1 MB) in Korean can now be handled by Espacenet, which now remains stable when these documents are specifically searched for or when a result list that contains these documents is sorted, e.g. by descending publication date.

Document pane

The display of drawings has been optimised. In default viewing modes, images are not truncated anymore and the need for slider use is minimised.

In some cases, highlighting was not displayed correctly. This has been fixed.

Classification area

When the user printed the classification search area in Firefox (right click / print), the first and last pages appeared as blank pages. This bug has been fixed.


Espacenet does not crash anymore when a filter for applicants or inventors that contain a semicolon, for example “RSR TECHN INC ;”, is applied.

Patent Translate

In some instances, Patent Translate proposed incorrect list of languages, for example English for English descriptions or claims. This has been fixed now.

The Espacenet database contains searchable machine translations in English for description and claims that are not available in this language. The Patent Translate button was, however, erroneously made available for these machine translations. Now Patent Translate is not displayed anymore on the machine translated text view, but is still available for the original language text if you want to obtain a version with the latest translation technology. As a reminder, all EPO member states’ languages can be translated into English, German or French, while the Asian languages and Russian can only be translated into English.


Downloaded descriptions and claims in Arabic font are now rendering properly.

Erroneous characters, wording and/or tags were sometimes displayed in exported result lists. This issue has been fixed.

See also this forum entry for a list of known issues and workarounds.

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