Espacenet 1.14.3 release notes – 26 August 2020


The selected document was sometimes omitted from the breadcrumb trail. The breadcrumb trail now shows the selected document number irrespective of whether or not the result list is shown.

Document pane

In classic Espacenet, when copying the page bookmark comprising the title and patent number to a Word or Excel file, the copied data includes the hyperlink to Espacenet. This handy feature is now also available in the new interface. Tip: this feature works best if you select the items you want to copy backwards, i.e. starting with the last character of the title (omitting the space) and copy them to the clipboard.

CPC combination sets (C-sets) that are invention-related are displayed in bold in the bibliographic data pane. C-sets relating to additional information are now displayed in non-bold.

Occasional omission of information identifying the description text as a machine translation. This information has now been added.

The unwanted truncation of the description of some long documents has now been fixed.

Advanced search

The field operators (all, any, etc.) were interpreted as text when capitalised. Capitalisation no longer interferes with the search behaviour.

Classification search

Deep linking to specific classification codes in the classification browser has been restored.

Mobile devices

The cross (X), which instantly removes all search terms in the smart search query, has been restored on mobile devices.

This release comprises other improvements that are not visible to the user and are not mentioned here.

See this forum entry for a list of known issues and workarounds.

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