Espacenet 1.7.0 release notes - December 2019

This release 1.7.0 of Espacenet includes the following updates and bug fixes:


  • Elimination of display errors in the interface (e.g. partly visible IPC symbols)
  • IPC and CPC no longer missing in the result list downloads
  • Full (selected) stars indicating that a document has been added to My patents no longer revert to normal (not selected) stars after page reload

Smart and Advanced search

  • Search terms are trimmed to remove any extra spaces

Result list

  • In the result list handling menu, the Sort by menu item disappeared after exploring citations; this has now been fixed

Documents view

  • Where a search returns only one result or a specific document has been called, the result list is now hidden to maximise the space available for displaying the document
  • Improvements to Patent Translate, where users could not select the right language or translate the relevant document part
  • Improvement to the export of the INPADOC family for some documents
  • Improvements relating to the display of right-to-left languages (e.g. Arabic)


  • It is now easier to use the graphic overview screen to filter your results according to various criteria

Minor bug fixes and improvements not visible to the user are not described here.


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