Espacenet 1.18.0 release notes – 9 December 2020

Result list

When you select Drawings only in the result list, Espacenet now sorts the drawings by the number of the page they appear on. Previously they were in a random order. Espacenet now also shows the publication number and page number when you enlarge a drawing by hovering over it in the result list.

Titles in Asian characters were not shown correctly in downloaded result lists in csv format. This has been fixed.

Espacenet allows you to print or download the first 500 results in xlsx and csv format and now any 100 front pages in pdf format from these 500 results. Previously, errors were sometimes encountered when printing or downloading, depending on the data range requested. This has been fixed, as has a related error leading to a duplication of hits in the result list.

Document pane

In classification searches, sometimes fragments of the search query appeared in the Bibliographic data view. This has been fixed.

Where available, the default language for abstracts, descriptions and claims is now always the selected interface language. An improved algorithm is now used to identify which language the user expects to see.

Previously Espacenet missorted some tabs and did not show all that were available. Now it shows additional tabs if those subsections are available in the metadata (e.g. DNA Sequence). The selection of a subsection (e.g. Claims) is sticky, which means that the subsection remains selected when you switch to other hits in the result list, even if the order of the tabs changes. Espacenet defaults to Bibliographic data when the subsection selected does not exist.

Classification search

Previously, when the Classification search was reopened, preferences were lost (e.g. view the CPC hierarchy as a tree structure or only highlight CPC symbols). Now they are stored for future use.


Performance has been optimised in various parts of Espacenet.

This release also includes other improvements that are not visible to the user. These improvements are not mentioned here.

See this forum entry for a list of known issues and workarounds.

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