Espacenet 1.13.3 release notes – 13 July 2020

Earliest priority date

A patent application can claim more than one priority. Espacenet's bibliographic data pane shows all of the claimed priorities (number and date). However, only the earliest priority date is taken into account in the filter function, the result list download and the citation table. The wording has been changed from "Priority date" to "Earliest priority date" to make this clearer to the user.

Document pane

In the bibliographic data pane, WO documents were sometimes incorrectly sorted according to the priority document's country code.

Now all publications are sorted alphabetically according to their publication number.

Missing highlighting of XP documents in the citation tab has been restored.


Filter tokens that appear at the top of the result list disappeared when opening the search via the breadcrumb trail. Now filtering remains intact and the filter tokens are visible.


Sometimes messages indicating the non-availability of patent information details, e.g. "description not found", were displayed until the system had loaded the available data. Now the error message is only shown if it is clear that no data is available.

Users reported an instability issue during a new interface release. This issue is now fixed and a warning message has been added for users using older versions.

This release also includes a number of necessary improvements that are not visible to the user. These improvements are not mentioned here.

See this forum entry for a list of known issues and workarounds.

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