Espacenet 1.24.0 release notes – 16 June 2021

Result list

If you select individual results in the Result list, the number of items selected is indicated to the right of the main check box (x patents selected) at the top of the list. Clearing this check box now cancels all selections made. The bug whereby it was only possible to cancel the first 100 selections in one go and all others one by one has been fixed.

The document title in the result list is designed to change from red to grey when clicked/tapped to indicate that the document has been consulted. In this release, it is now also the case in the following scenarios:

  • documents added in batches to the My patents list using the main check box to the left of (x patents selected)
  • citations transferred to the Result list
  • INPADOC family data transferred to the Result list

The bug whereby titles and/or abstracts in a language other than English in citations or INPADOC family data transferred to the Result list were not displayed has been fixed.

Keyboard accessibility

When using your keyboard to navigate, the Espacenet element your keyboard focus is on at any given time is visually highlighted. Google Chrome, for instance, uses a blue border for this. This is now also true for Help section links to support materials and forms, for example the Pocket guide, the Changes in Espacenet guide, the Espacenet forum and our Contact form.

This release also includes other improvements that are not visible to the user. These improvements are not mentioned here.

Visit this Espacenet discussion forum for a list of known issues and workarounds.

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